Library expands its fiction section

Sample Student

Courtesy of Creative Commons

Andrew Moen, Writer

The school library is one shopping cart full of books closer to fulfilling the English Department’s goal of integrating student-friendly books into the library.

The first wave of books has been covered and shelved and are now sitting in the library ready to check out. “I finally got them organized and shelved,” said librarian Brynne Carpentier, “and I am ordering the next wave of books this week.”

The drama, fiction, and non-fiction books are now ready to be checked out of the library. “Right now, I log who checks out what book. Once all the books are in and we get some time to set it up, a different system will be set up,” said Carpentier.

Once the second wave is delivered and shelved, the library will be filled with around 2000 books well before the end of the school year.

The English Department is taking steps to ensure that the new books go to good use. “I’m hoping there will be more independent reading assignments in English classes next year so students can use the new books as a resource,” said Mr. Moran.

Principal Dennis Felcher is very optimistic about the new library books. “I really appreciate how the English Department is taking the lead on this. Honestly, if it were up to me, I don’t think I would have the time. There is just so much pleasure to be found in reading a novel and I’m hoping more students will find that.”