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Andrew Moen

This past fall the Harding community received some shocking news, 2007 graduate Brian Dillon was killed in a car accident. Teachers, friends, and family were all devastated by this loss, but now nearly six months later Dillon’s family with the help of ’07 grads Chad Lexington and Sherry Walters are doing their best to keep her memory alive.

Together they are started the Brian Dillon foundation, which is offering scholarships to Harding seniors. “After Brian died we wanted to do something to keep his memory alive,” said Walters.

Both Lexington and Walters have been asked by Dillon’s family to be on the board of directors of the foundation. “Our job so far has been to organize, get the website up and running, and be the connection to Harding,” said Walters.

The connection to Harding was important in getting word out to this year’s seniors about the two scholarships available. The first is a need based scholarship for students continuing on to college. The second is a memorial scholarship to commemorate Dillon’s life.

“We wanted the scholarship to be easy and not a big hassle. We especially wanted it to come back to Brian and how he lived his life. He played the cello and loved to go to concerts; we want to show people a part of his life that people didn’t know about him.